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Last updated 11th November 2009

Leopard Gecko Care
Eublepharis macularius


Housing Aquarium or plastic container is suitable for Leopard gecko. Cage with high surface area is better than a cage that narrow and tall. LG is a terrestrial animal that can’t climb a vertical smooth surface. Cage with size of 60×40 cm floor area can accommodate 3-4 adult LG. We can use newspaper or zeolite powder for substrate, and each substrate have their advantages and disadvantages, should be chosen as personal preference.Newspaper is easy and simple to use, but contain no calcium, so calcium supplement have to be given to protect your LG against MBD*. Zeolite powder contains calcium, absorb water and smell, but a little bit dusty. A simple ideal LG cage will contain one hiding place (plastic pot / container, being put upside down and given a hole as entry), one small dish for drinking, and one small dish contains calcium supplement (only for people that use newspaper as substrate). For Baby geckos, inside the hiding place we add moist*** coco peat / vermiculite.

Lighting and Temperature LG is a nocturnal animal that is active during the night time, so any form of UV light and sunlight is not required. The optimum temperature for LG is 30-32 degree Celsius. For colder area, hot spot light of 25-60 watt have to be used to raise the temperature. The placement of the light will be at one side of the cages, so when required the LG can move around to adjust their temperature.

Feeding and Watering Food item for LG is Crickets, Mealworms, Superworm, and Wax worm. All of this food item is easy to get. Wax worm can only be used as a treat, not as staple diet, because they contain high in fat. Food item can be given daily or once every two days. It is important that food item were gut loaded**. Drinking dish has to clean and water replaced every day to reduce fungus and bacteria growth.

Breeding LG is very easy to breed, they are ready at the age of 8 months, but we suggest that you start breed your LG at the ages of 12 months and their weight at 45 grams. Inside the cage, you will need to add a laying box contains moist*** coco peat / vermiculite. Once they are laying, egg can be harvested and move to a plastic container contain moist vermiculite. The eggs will hatch in 35-60 days.

Price Price of LG is relatively affordable with price from one hundred thousand rupiah to premium morph with price of above five millions rupiah. We would like to suggest further to not only attracted to a cheap price gecko and forget about the quality of the animals. Your purchase should make you happy, on the other hand, sick animals will only make your first experience become less enjoyable.

*MBD: metabolic bone disease, disease cause by deficiency in calcium, it will make LG bones become brittle.

**Gut Loaded: food item were given chicken/cat/dog/fish pellet and vegetable until they are plump.

***Moist: mix substrate with water and they were squeeze until no water coming out from them.

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